William Jordan

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Champ Change

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I am a student developer for the Student Success Center at Montana State University.

Fishy Turtle

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I am the solo developer of this app supporting work at the Pennington Educational Research Laboratory.

CSS Animations

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Recently, I have been exploring CSS animations. Here is a wood lathe with a functional RPM controller.

Git Hub

Find the source code for this website and many other of my projects.


a wooden bowl a wooden bowl

Woodworking has long been a hobby of mine. For the last few years, I have focused on honing my wood turning skills. Starting with locally sourced lumber, the process of transforming it to a polished finished product has become a passion. It requires unwavering attention and precision. I enjoy celebrating the character of the wood, experimenting with form and proportion to make useful, beautiful objects.


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I am a junior studying Computer Science at Montana State University. I grew up in Portland, Maine, where I took full advantage of easy access to the great outdoors spending time across the state from the waters of Casco Bay to the peaks of Baxter State Park.

My collage years in Montana have given me ready access to the Rocky Mountains where I climb, ski, mountain bike, and explore the great outdoors. I also play Ultimate frisbee and am a team captain at Montana State. I enjoy strategy games and lead a weekly game night. In addition, I host and maintain a dedicated server for gamming.

I am a strong team player but am also comfortable striking out on my own to accomplish the task at hand. I bring a can-do attitude, strong work ethic and am able to organize and lead groups to work effectively together.


WilliamKatahdin@gmail.com (207)838-1283 Resume