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Woodworking has long been a hobby of mine. For the last few years, I have focused on honing my wood turning skills. Starting with locally sourced lumber, the process of transforming it to a polished finished product has become a passion. It requires unwavering attention and precision. I enjoy celebrating the character of the wood, experimenting with form and proportion to make useful, beautiful objects.

Computer Science

dots and boxes game newyork city by intersection

• Java Applications Java is the language I am most proficient in. It is my go to language for developing a quick program or simple application like dots and boxes or a Nordic Ski race timing application I developed to support my local ski club.

• Browser Automation Over the past year I have thoroughly enjoyed pushing things to the limit and expediting repetitive tasks. Using Selenium and CromeDriver as well as web scraping to accomplish a wide variety of tasks including mass image downloading and data analysis.

• HTML / CSS I am currently advancing my front-end development skills and widening my understanding of JavaScript.


a photo of Will Jordan

I am a sophomore studying Computer Science at Montana State University. I grew up in Portland, Maine, where I took full advantage of easy access to the great outdoors spending time across the state from Casco Bay to Baxter State Park.

I am an avid ultimate frisbee player, training daily and playing on a team whenever possible. I enjoy both Nordic and alpine skiing. I also rock climb to stay active and explore the outdoors year-round. I enjoy strategy games and lead a weekly game night. In addition, I host and maintain a dedicated server for gamming applications.

I am a strong team player but also very comfortable striking out on my own to accomplish the task at hand. I bring a can-do attitude, strong work ethic and am able to organize and lead groups to work effectively together.


WilliamKatahdin@gmail.com (207)838-1283